In Kenya, (in the Taita area between Tsavo East and West), Wildlife Care International has many upcoming projects aimed at the protection of wild animals by helping the local human population. With the human population growing by leaps and bounds, areas formerly inhabited only by wildlife are now lived in by humans. Human-wildlife conflict occurs in Africa when wildlife wanders into villages and towns and some times eats a farmer’s a garden or injures/kills a human. This often occurs with elephants and lions. Thus people often don’t look too kindly on wildlife as we wildlife lovers do. They consider the animals vermin to be destroyed.

Thus Wildlife Care International is attempting to make a difference in helping to protect wildlife by working with the people in the area and assisting the humans

by improving schools and hospitals. If the people can understand that these much needed institutions will be created and/or improved by help of wildlife lovers, then they might think more kindly of the wildlife that lives near them because they will be seeing a benefit from wildlife. Wildlife would then have a value to them.

For the past 17 years Wildlife Care International has been able to achieve much. We still have a long way to go, and we could use your help. The project list is getting longer, and we would certainly use your help and look forward to obtaining more support world-wide.

We work in cooperation with the Kenyan Government, Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs Office and Kenya Wildlife Service.

Our aim is to be able to take on more projects as quickly as possible in the area which will help humans and wildlife and hopefully cut down on human-wildlife conflict. With your help, we will be able to move along more quickly. We will use this site to keep you abreast of current projects and intended future projects.